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Build your
Scouting Database

The Scouting App is a tool that allows you to create a functional database to store your scouting data. Thanks to our dynamic archive you will be able to work in depth on all the data you have stored over time, allowing you to always make the best decisions during the transfer market. Each profile you create can always be updated in detail, using our specific features, or in the "Report" area, to always be precise in reporting every single detail of the observed player.
Thanks to its "Core System", it allows individual scouts, clubs and scouting teams to direct the entire workflow from one or more people and manage it in a unique and efficient way. With our tools, building your scouting database has never been easier. TSA Football Player Database, the scouting software tailored to all your needs.


The scouting way for long-term planning

The Scouting App offers strategic planning tools to recognize, monitor, identify and report the profiles entered in the database, for fitting short, medium and long-term recruitment strategies of your scouting work.

Organize and manage your scouting group

Check the work of your staff over time, analyzing and comparing all the profiles and data entered in your database. With integrated notifications, any new additions of data within your group will be under your control.

Monitor all profiles in a single database

Thanks to the elasticity of the "Core System", The Scouting App offers a complete monitoring system that will not allow any profile entered in the database to escape your clinical eye and your advanced analyzes, thanks to our filters, integrated rankings and comparison tools, ideal for specific and continuous work over time.

Complete data management

Thanks to the numerous tests carried out over time by professionals in the world of scouting, we have managed to create an advanced dashboard for the creation of highly detailed profiles, which will allow the user to maximize his observation and evaluation skills in the smallest details, you will be able to create unlimited reports over time for all the profiles inserted in your personal space.

Flexible and customizable

Is your staff engaged in the observation of a championship not present in our database? No problem, thanks to the Open Core System, the users can go to create and insert the missing leagues and clubs in our database.





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