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Take Scouting Analysis
to the next level

The Scouting App is a football scouting software that allows you to create in depth football scouting analysis and to store it in a single, intuitive and appealing online database. Analyze footballers on almost 440 specific evaluation parameters, generate organized player reports, detailed comparisons and renewed observations on each player within your database.
In fact, thanks to our dynamic archive, you will be able to work in detail on all the data you have stored over time; this way TSA ensures to always lead you to the best scouting and managerial decisions.


Football scouting, made smarter

Each profile you create can be updated at any time, using our specific features through which building your scouting database has never been easier. TSA is literally the scouting software tailored to your needs.

Exhaustive Analysis Parameters

TSA ensure that each of the analysis you create are exhaustive, by portraying more than 40 specific parameters of observation for each position on the field, to make sure that every significant aspect of a player is being considered.

Forget about excel struggles

You are now able to import your current scouting database from excel into the TSA software. This way you will exploit all the benefits of the scouting app, without compromising your previous efforts.

Complete data management

Thanks to the numerous tests carried out over time by professionals in the world of scouting, we have managed to create an advanced dashboard for the creation of highly detailed profiles, which will allow the user to maximize his observation and evaluation skills in the smallest details, you will be able to create unlimited reports over time for all the profiles inserted in your personal space.

Organize and Manage your Scouting Group

Check the work of your collaborators over time, analyzing and comparing all the profiles and data entered by your staff within your database. With integrated notifications, any addition of data within your group will be under your control.




Individual subscription



Up to 4 users of which 1 Manager/s



Up to 5 users of which 1 Manager/s



Up to 5 users of which 2 Manager/s



Up to 6 users of which 1 Manager/s



Up to 8 users of which 2 Manager/s



Up to 15 users of which 2 Manager/s



Up to 10 users of which 4 Manager/s

Custom Plans


For bigger groups or custom plans


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